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August 2015

Battery-Powered Paddle(Free) Boards

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Since I grew up in Arizona, I’m sort of obsessed with lake sports. The summer heat is so intense that Arizonans either get out of town or spend the mid-year months immersed in water. So, I’m intrigued by a new product called Onean. It appears to be a sort of battery-powered, propelled board. Check out the video. Read More

Everbright Is a Giant, Modern Lite-Brite

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What child of the 70’s or 80’s didn’t love their Lite-Brite? And every same child knows the pain of pushing tiny little pixel pegs into itty bitty holes – that is, if your little brother hadn’t already swallowed the color you needed. (Disclaimer: ┬áDo not swallow Lite-Brite pegs, or any toy for that matter.) Hero Design of Oakland, CA wants you to relive the childhood wonder that was Lite-Brite but without the pain of tiny pegs or limited colors. Read More

Two Playful Blogs

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I spend so much time thinking about and researching entertainment concepts that I finally decided it was high time I started writing about it as well.

We’re launching two blogs simultaneously. It sounds a bit ambitious, but it’s our approach to writing about two things we love. Read More