Since I grew up in Arizona, I’m sort of obsessed with lake sports. The summer heat is so intense that Arizonans either get out of town or spend the mid-year months immersed in water. So, I’m intrigued by a new product called Onean. It appears to be a sort of battery-powered, propelled board. Check out the video.

The company is releasing two models before the end of the year. According to the website, “The Carver jet-board is the ideal go-to option for users and to enjoy the feeling of gliding above flat waters.” And the other board? “The Manta is a board with great buoyancy and very stable. Designed for those wanting to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of taking long tours or excursions at low speed.”

Each board is retailing at about $4,000 US. That seems a little spendy for a single-person water recreation device. Does that make it a good rental unit?

[via designboom]

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

Dustin is an entrepreneur and consultant in the location-based entertainment industry.

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