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Family Home

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We think that a playful approach to life should extend beyond the workplace, so we try to provide our kids with a playful environment at home. Check out the indoor slide, library ladder, clubhouse, and other fun kid-friendly elements we baked into our current house in the video and pics below. The kids had fun putting together the real estate sales video for the house, too.

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The “Theming” Misnomer

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I cringe when I hear the word “theme” in an entertainment design meeting.¬†I begin the internal debate about whether I’ll need to correct its usage. Too often, I know, the discussion will result in blank stares. And yet, I can’t resist. A misunderstanding of how the basic elements of literature¬†can be advantageously applied to designing experiences is too risky. It is, in my humble opinion, the reason many experiences rooted in narrative (or claiming to be) fall short of their potential. But when properly applied, these tools tease out imperative discussion points during the early exploration phase and empower a team to drive toward a common vision infinitely more quickly. Read More