What child of the 70’s or 80’s didn’t love their Lite-Brite? And every same child knows the pain of pushing tiny little pixel pegs into itty bitty holes – that is, if your little brother hadn’t already swallowed the color you needed. (Disclaimer:  Do not swallow Lite-Brite pegs, or any toy for that matter.) Hero Design of Oakland, CA wants you to relive the childhood wonder that was Lite-Brite but without the pain of tiny pegs or limited colors.

According to the description on Hero Design’s website, “Everbright is a giant toy for people who never want to stop creating. Turn a disc to dial in any color of the rainbow. With 464 color dials, it’s perfect for teams.” Check out the video to see the magic in action.

Now, putting all comparisons to the tiny version of the toy aside, a giant version of Lite-Brite isn’t a brand new idea. We’ve explored these exhibit-scaled toys for projects in the past. This version by Science Kinetics, for instance, is pretty cool:

But while I see value in doing a straight up large version of a retro toy, Everbright comes with some very cool features that make me want to revisit this concept.

First, I love that there are no removable parts to get lost. Instead of shoving pegs in holes, you twist the rim of the light to turn it on.

Second, you get access to infinite colors. As you continue to twist, the light moves through a full rainbow of colors.

Third, the wall is easily reset. Instead of having to remove all of those pesky pieces of plastic, simply press a button and watch all of the lights reset. The panel is now ready for another round of play.

Finally, beyond the simple interaction, the board can be programmed to display “videos” that look like art in motion. It’s mesmerizing.

It’s a very cool product that’s as comfortable in a collaborative space (which was the envisioned use case) or art exhibit as it is in a children’s entertainment environment. But it’ll set you back a few bills. $14K for the 4′ x 4′ model, $25K for 4′ x 8′, and $50K for 4′ x 16′. If the quality of construction and durability are there, though, that’s not substantially different from comparable products.

[via fastcodesign]
[Images via Buzzfeed and Hero Design]

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

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