Little Launchpad was a concept we explored developing for about a year. The genesis of the idea was hearing a sibling complain about having to run her children all over town for their sports practices, music lessons, dance, and other daily events. When she wished aloud that there were one place that offered a high quality, reputable version of all of these, we knew there was something interesting in that need.

The basic premise was that families need an “afternoon and weekend place” where they could all go to play, learn, and socialize. Music practice rooms and recording studios, sports courts and a swimming pool, craft rooms and art classrooms, a cafe, a giant play facility, and more would all reside within this daily destination.

Collin Smith developed the branding. Dustin developed the concept, the business model, and early drafts of basic curriculum. Eventually the idea failed to clear some internal hurdles and the concept was tucked away in big drawer in the corner desk. We liked the rocket enough to use it in the branding of a different venture later on.