For a few years, we┬áran Blast with Books, a website that recommended books and associated activities to get kids excited about reading. For one school year, Kylee also taught preschool classes at home, naming the school Blast with Books Preschool and basing all of the lessons and activities on her favorite children’s books.

To help make the preschool’s space within the home feel legit, we worked with JPro Studios to make a really cool sign that hung above a rack of books.

Dustin created the original Blast with Books logo. He sent the logo to JD, who added some wood texture and created a cut file. Then JD cut the sign out of high density sign foam (the stuff feels practically indestructible) using his CNC router.

From there, Dustin added some additional wood effects by hand. Then we painted a brown base coat and added a layer of glaze. Finally, we used itty bitty fine brushes to stroke in all of the detail. It was a fun project and helped set the stage for a great year of preschool!