BwB Logo with Characters stemmed from our love of children’s books. They make us laugh, teach us important lessons for life, astound us with their breathtaking illustrations, and connect us with our children. The purpose of the site was to connect great children’s books with fun activities for families . . . thus getting bookworms to explore the world and active kids to pick up a book. Each combination of book and activity was called a Book|Blast, which was the foundation for each post.

The original site was called Read about how we got the idea and the original intent for the site in this article that was published in az-lifestyle in 2009:  “Once upon a time…”

After several years of intense focus on content specific to the Phoenix, AZ population, we decided to re-develop the site to create more national appeal. The site was rebuilt to house separate book reviews and recommended activities, with links between books and activities that would make good Book|Blasts. Just as we were prepping content to populate the site, Kylee was inspired with a new ambition:  a Blast with Books preschool curriculum. Running a new Blast with Books preschool and keeping the site populated with content proved to be too much work, so work on the site came to a screeching halt.

What’s next for Blast with Books? Our kids are begging us to revive it so that they can be the new editors. We’re baking up new plans to allow them to control Blast with Books. This is going to get interesting.