Two Playful Blogs

By August 13, 2015Blogging

I spend so much time thinking about and researching entertainment concepts that I finally decided it was high time I started writing about it as well.

We’re launching two blogs simultaneously. It sounds a bit ambitious, but it’s our approach to writing about two things we love.

This is the first blog, where we’ll wax philosophical about entertainment design, opine about industry developments, talk about entrepreneurship, and relate best practices to other industries.

The other blog is Playful Parenthood. When you live in the entertainment world nearly every hour of every day, some of it eventually spills over into family life. That’s what the other blog is about. The crossroads of being a professional in an entertainment/creative field and improving as parents.

We’re excited about this journey and look forward to your nit-picky comments. They’re always welcome!

Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

Dustin is an entrepreneur and consultant in the location-based entertainment industry.

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